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Terms & Conditions






Rental is based on a calendar month and with the acceptance of this agreement, payment towards a contracted unit(s) will be rendered in advance. This agreement will terminate on the last day of a calendar month and Tenants are requested to notify Storage I (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) with a written notice 14 days in advance of their intention to vacate a unit(s) as contained in this agreement.




Arrangements for hiring storage unit(s) will only be done during office hours. Office hours will be from 8h00 till 17h00 from Monday to Thursday, from 8h00 till 16h00 on Fridays and from 8h00 till 13h00 on Saturdays. The office will be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

The Company reserves the right to refuse access unless all payments are up to date. 

Access to units are 7 days a week from 6h00 – 19h00.  Arrangements for after hour entry into the premises of the company can be done by calling 060 989 8112.




Tenants need to provide their own locks. No keys pertaining to storage unit(s) will be held on the premises of the Company. Keys will be retained by the Tenant only or by a person nominated by the Tenant. The Company will not inspect the unit(s) once locked by the tenant and it is the tenant’s sole obligation to inspect the unit(s) and notify the Company of any problems with the unit(s)




Units are to be used solely for the purpose of storage of goods. No flammable material/goods or any material/goods constituting a fire hazard will be stored at the premises. No explosives or unstable materials/goods or materials/goods that may cause a health hazard will be stored in the unit on the premises of the Company. The management of the Company will have the sole discretion on acceptance of potential goods. If unlawful or illegal goods are stored the management of the Company will evacuate such unit(s) immediately. Costs incurred for such evacuation of illegal or unlawful goods will be for the Tenants account. 




All goods stored are to be removed on the date of termination of the contract and the units, should be left clean and tidy, to the satisfaction of the Company.




The Tenant will be considered the lawful owner of stored goods. If the Tenant is not the lawful owner, full details of the owner must be provided to the Company. All goods are stored at the sole risk of the Tenant/Owner and the Company will not accept any responsibility towards any damage, loss or theft pertaining to stored goods. The Company will not be held liable or responsible towards any damage or loss as a result of damage incurred by rainwater, flood water, hail or fire as a result of damage due to an “Act of God”. The Company will not be held liable towards damage or theft of stored goods as a result of riots, war, rebellious upstanding, terrorism or any unlawful act. It is the Tenant’s obligation to ensure that all goods are stored, covered, packed and/or wrapped as to adequately protect same against any and all damages, including, but not limited to water damage, dust, rodents etc.




Tenant/Owners of stored goods must ensure and arrange insurance with their insurance company to include goods stored at the Company. The Company will in its capacity do everything in its power to provide a safe and secure storage facility to its Tenants. Controlled infra-red alarm systems are installed to safeguard goods stored at the Company. In addition, armed response is available 24 hours a day. The rat stations surrounding the storage units are monitored on a weekly basis.




Payments are made in advance and thereafter within 7 days after the last day of a calendar month. A late payment fee will be added to accounts if received after the 7th. The Company has a lien over goods in the unit(s) as security for payment. The unit(s) shall be locked by the Company in the event of default and goods shall only be released on full payment to the Company. After 2 months of non-compliance of payment, the Company will notify the Tenant of its intent to move or sell stored goods. The proceeds derived from the sale of such goods to be firstly directed towards costs, arrear rentals and damages incurred. The tenant shall be liable for all the legal costs of the Company on an attorney and client scale if the Company take any steps to recover arrears.




The Tenant agrees to choose domicilium at the rented storage unit(s) at the Company.




Payments towards Storage I (Pty) Ltd can be done by way of bank or internet transfers. The Tenant’s unit(s) no(s) will be the reference towards any correspondence or payments. Statements and or tax invoices will only be sent to Tenant on request



No alterations of any kind whatsoever will be allowed to the structure of any storage unit of the Company. The units will not be used for the purpose of carrying on any type of business activities.

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